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  • See all our opening times

    See all our opening times

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  • Think you're drinking too much? Why not use drinksmeter to measure you alcohol intake and work out how many calories you might consume
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  • I'm looking forward to giving back to the service that gave me so much hope
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Welcome to East Lancashire Integrated Substance Misuse Service

Inspire Integrated Substance Misuse Service offers a wide range of support for anyone worried about their own or somebody else’s substance/alcohol use. We offer advice and guidance to individuals and family members through rapid, open access assessment leading to support and treatment.


Help Myself

Help Myself

Our self-help section enables you to access online support tools, drink and drugs diaries and ways to help you stay safe and achieve your recovery goal.

How can Inspire help?

How can Inspire help

At inspire we have a range of services to help you on your recovery journey, from 1-2-1s, groups, and counseling, to activities such as walking, cycling, and arts groups.

Drug info

Drug info

Look for specific drug advice and harm reduction information.


Family, carers and friends

Family, cares and friends

Our think family coordinator will ensure family members and friends are supported through their loved one’s journey – including family focus groups and support.

Giving back volunteering & job opportunities

Giving back volunteering & job opportunities

Volunteer with us and help out with a wide range of activities appointments and much more.