Abstinence Programme

Our abstinence programme LIVE AND THRIVE is delivered by our partners Emerging Futures, who are working alongside us to help you continue on your journey of recovery after treatment from Inspire.

Live and Thrive is an abstinence based trauma informed program, currently delivered and embedded to be delivered alongside the existing Foundations of Recovery programs: Change, Growth and Life.

It is suitable for men and women who are looking to enhance or complete their journey in abstinence.

Individuals who have successfully completed a detox, and engaged in therapeutic group work will find this a suitable program and it is delivered 3 days per week at a variety of sites. Ideally individuals will have graduated FOC and FOG and be in FOL.

To be referred to Live and Thrive, either speak with your Case Co-ordinator or attend the welcome to recovery support POD at your local Inspire.

How will it benefit me?

Develop social and emotional intelligence

Exposure to behaviour change

Instills hope

Overcome trauma

Manage mental health

Build confidence & ambition, wellbeing, resilience and psychological flexibility

Facilitates family and social connection

Enhances social and recovery capital

Positive identity forming

Awareness of impact of behaviour

Full support from qualified practitioners

Linkage to a wealth of community opportunities incl: mutual aid, education, training, volunteering and employment.

Ready to commit to this next phase in your journey?


Drop into base, call us on the phone, send us a message via Facebook or try our new webchat function to ask any questions that you may have about abstinence related recovery.



Emerging futures



Emerging Futures Service User Testimonial:


“In 2009 I lost my partner to a heroin overdose that left me feeling lonely, depressed and suicidal. As I was in self-distrust mode I decided to try heroin for myself as I was told this would numb the pain but this was not the case, l ended up with a habit which lead to my offending behaviour and as I’m lucky to have a very strong supportive family l started telling lies to my mum and pushing her away. My life was a mess and I was out of control until the point where I was sent to prison, I stayed clean for 4 years but my mental health was bad up to the point to where I was once again  back in hospital on the mental health ward. When I was deemed fit enough to leave I went to the chemist to find I had no script so history repeated itself and I was back in prison on a burglary charge. I did not know where I was going to live upon release as I’d burnt all bridges with my mum then Kerry from emerging futures came to see me and explained who she was and what service she provided. This sounded exactly what I needed. I have now been living in emerging Futures property for nearly 4 weeks and the support they have provided is unreal. I’ve been doing different group work, one 2 one’s and have recently signed up for the gym. I would definitely recommend emerging Futures to anyone in recovery. I feel like a new person with a new lease of life, my whole outlook on life has changed so much for the better. I feel like my recovery is improving as I’m learning to deal with situations in a much more positive manner. I am now building up good family relations again.  Thank you Kerry and emerging Futures I truly believe that you have saved me, I now look forwards to each new day.”