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Inspire, as well as being a treatment provider also offer lots of community recovery activities, such as cycling, walking, football, crafts, music groups and much more! Look at our online calendar for more details of groups and where they are held! Inspire also have a BRIC (building recovery in communities) worker, who can help you obtain the tools and funding to set up your own business, to aid sustaining your recovery and building you a bright and successful future.

Here is our Winter 2019 Activity Programme!

Building recovery by believing in PeopleRed Rose recovery, who are one of our partners also do lots of community work and hold regular FAMA (facilitating access to mutual aid) groups, as well as gender specific groups where you can get advice, build your recovery capital and speak to someone in confidence. Contact Red Rose Recovery for more information.

Building Recovery in the Community (BRiC)

The purpose of the Building Recovery in Communities (BRiC) Commissioning Group (BCG) is to raise funds for sustainable community projects which provide services and products to those in recovery, their families/carers. This process can directly make financial provision for Enterprise, Employment, Volunteering, Education, Mentoring, Environmental & Social Opportunities in the Recovery Community.

Membership of BRiC

The BRiC membership comprises

  • Red Rose Recovery Staff & Workers/Professional Support
  • Lancashire User Forum (LUF) Chairs
  • BRiC Workers
  • LCC Public Health (observation/guidance)

Regularity of Meetings

The panel will meet regularly to consider applications before they are progressed to Lancashire County Council for final verification and approval, in line with protocols.

Objectives of BRiC

The BRiC fund can assist with the provision of social enterprise initiative funding, self-employment start-ups, community groups and networks, to relieve poverty, sickness and distress amongst offenders and those in recovery from addiction and their families by the provision of advice, information, training and support in accessing employment, enterprise and community based opportunities, including volunteering.

This aids the advancement of health by the reduction or prevention of addiction and relapse for those in recovery, reduction of harm and offending. As an outcome, provides for the advancement of education, enterprise and progress of the individual, organisations and the community at large on issues of addiction, supporting sustainable recovery, reduction of harm and offending.

This form enables the consideration of both capital and revenue funding proposals for both Lancashire County and for Lancashire Localities (Central, East and North) initiatives delivered through the BRiC Commissioning Group in support of the National Drugs Strategy (2010) and the National Alcohol Strategy (2012).

To date BriC funding has supported a number of initiatives varying from social enterprises, micro employment opportunities, social, health and support groups, training and education programs as well as supporting and local small businesses.

If you would like to discuss a potential funding bid then please contact Andy Toynton– Inspire BRiC Coordinator on

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