A bit about us

Our vision is to develop, deliver and share a whole person approach that changes society. Our mission is to help people change the direction of their lives, grow as individuals, and live life to its full potential. Our values are:

Be Open

Learn from others. Share ideas. Experiment

Be Bold

In a complex and challenging world, be confident, innovative and speak up. 

Be Compassionate

Care. Be seen to care. Support your colleagues.

Our Partners

Inspire is made up of a number of charitable organisations working together to achieve our mission

change, grow, live

Providing specialist substance misuse treatment and aftercare

Emerging Futures

Providing our groupwork programme and housing support

Meet the Team

From administration to nurses, there’s always a friendly face waiting for you. Below are just a handful of staff that you will come across at Inspire.


Team Leader

“I love seeing people get well, and giving them hope”


Housing Coordinator

“Every day is different, and seeing service users progress is so rewarding”


Deputy Services Manager

“Working with such a passionate team where people truly care makes the job worthwhile”


Team Leader

“It’s amazing when you see people making small positive changes that they never believed they could make”


Services Manager

“Service users are doing a good job, We will come out of it, we’ll all be stronger from it, stay safe, and we miss you”

Rachael speaking during Co-Vid 19 Lockdown.

Coronavirus information


Please visit our coronavirus page to read advice for anyone who uses our services.